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3rd Software Ontology Workshop – Announcement

On the 27th and 28th June, 2012, we are intending to run a 3rd Workshop following on from the two previously successful workshops. As with the previous meetings, these will involve doing actual ‘work‘ but hopefully in a way that … Continue reading

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First SWO Beta

We have released the first beta version (down as 0.1 in the version info in the OWL file) of the SWO. In it you can see our overall model which we will be expanding with more software example and all … Continue reading

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Ins and Outs of software

One of our ‘priority features’, decided during our first workshop prioritsation exercises, was that of data used in software. There are (at least) two schools of thought on how data inputs and outputs should be tied to software. Firstly, there … Continue reading

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An Agile Ontology

The group in which I work at EBI applies Agile Software Development methods to developing software. The technique requires that iterations are frequent and that software is released often with an emphasis on collaboration between developers, especially with regards ‘customer’ … Continue reading

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User sourced competency questions for software

Following our first SWO workshop in Manchester we performed several exercises to garner requirements and test cases. Below is a complete list of the competency questions collected to guide the engineering of the Software Ontology. Competency questions are questions that … Continue reading

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Community ontology building without using the ‘O’ word

At the first SWO meeting in Manchester we started the meeting with one primary goal: we would build our ontology of software without discussing ontologies. Obviously, this sounds odd. And probably not possible. And yet the outcome of the meeting … Continue reading

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Software: An Ontology of Ontologies

In a previous post we considered our initial model for describing software and the components required. As we continue to collect requirements from the user community and being to test this model with some actual software descriptions two things have … Continue reading

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A Model of Software

We have produced an initial model for how software may be described. There are several properties of software we are, at least initially, interested in capturing. Data and data formats – The description of inputs and output to software programmes … Continue reading

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