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Requirements and Scoping Workshop: Agenda

Today is the first of a two day workshop we are holding in Manchester.  The aim is to define the scope of the project and to capture the requirements for the software ontology.  To this end, the workshop brings together … Continue reading

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Software: An Ontology of Ontologies

In a previous post we considered our initial model for describing software and the components required. As we continue to collect requirements from the user community and being to test this model with some actual software descriptions two things have … Continue reading

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Considering Versions

When thinking about Operating Systems recently, the subject of versions came up.  This is clearly going to be a very important attribute that we will need to capture in our ontology.  All software has versions: rarely only one version (perhaps … Continue reading

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Considering Operating Systems

Operating systems are an important class of software, and one which we will have to capture in our ontology.  I’ve only just started to think about them, and already they offer some interesting questions, many of which will be applicable … Continue reading

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A Model of Software

We have produced an initial model for how software may be described. There are several properties of software we are, at least initially, interested in capturing. Data and data formats – The description of inputs and output to software programmes … Continue reading

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Software Licensing

One of the many aspects of a piece of software that we would like to capture in the software ontology is its license.  There is great variety in licensing, with many different variants of open-source license, and proprietary licensing almost … Continue reading

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