A number of small changes to SWO

This week I did a number of small changes to SWO, and here is a summary of the changes:

  • SBML Model (http://www.ebi.ac.uk/efo/swo/SWO_0000380) was made obsolete. This class was asserted underneath algorithm and had no annotation or axiomisation. It was used in one location, within the software class SBMLR. As we already had a class to describe the SBML format (called SBML file), there was no use for this class. For referencing the SBML format, please use the class ‘SBML file’ (http://edamontology.org/format_2585).
  • Moved tab delimited file format to be a child (rather than a sibling) of plain text file format.
  • Software interface has been reorganized and expanded. See SWO for the full definitions etc.:
    – Software interface
    –Application Programming Interface
    –Command line interface
    –Graphical User Interface
    —Web User interface

            —Desktop Graphical User Interface

    –Web Service
    —SOAP service: definition
    —REST service: definition

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