SWO-EDAM Merge: merging data hierarchies

There are fewer classes within SWO data hierarchy compared with the SWO data format specification hierarchy, and therefore this merge step was simpler. A list of issues arising is available in a separate post. The following changes were made:

  • Made EDAM:Data a child of “Information content entity” (via subclass axiom stored within SWO_core.owl)
  • Made EDAM:Data equivalent to IAO:0000027(data) – (via equivalent class statement)
  • SWO classes obsoleted due to equivalence with EDAM:
    • Image (efo/swo/SWO_0000580) with Image (data_2968).
    • Heatmap (efo/swo/SWO_0000571) with Heat map (data_1636). As the EDAM class is a child of Microarray image, the subclass axiom relating the SWO class to data has been removed as it is now unnecessary.
    • Microarray data (efo/swo/SWO_0000624) with Microarray data (data_2603).
    • ontology (swo/ontology) with Ontology (data_0582).
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