Tidying up annotation labels

As I have begun to start adding software in earnest, I have noticed some duplication of intent (and one straight duplication) within the annotation labels used in SWO. As such, the following tidying up of annotation labels has been completed:

  1. Creator. Both the IAO annotation label term editor and the DC creator annotation have been used throughout the ontology. As the DC term was used more widely, and because the IAO term editor was strictly not being used in the intended manner, all instances of the term editor label were changed to the DC creator label.
  2. Definition. There were two definition labels used throughout the ontology: the EFO definition label and IAO definition label. In some cases, the IAO label was incorrectly named as “textual definition”. Here, we favor the more “standard” version of the label, and changed all EFO definitions to IAO definitions. Then the incorrect label was changed from “textual definition” to “definition”.
  3. Alternative Term. There were 3 different labels in use for alternative terms: an EFO, a SWO and an IAO alternative term. Additionally, the IAO label was missing the actual string label “alternative term”. The label was added, and then all usages of the EFO and SWO labels were changed to the IAO label.

There was no need to go through the obsolescence procedure with any of these, as they are only annotation labels and have no implications on inference or usage external to SWO.

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