Priorities for the Software Ontology

In an ideal world the software ontology would describe lots of different kinds of software (breadth) in lots of detail (depth). Based on a previous analysis of Agile Ontology Development and Priority Poker, here is a list of priorities for the software ontology in descending order:

  1. data: a class to descrbe the input(s)/output(s) from software
  2. life cycle:  described by the development status class
  3. version: described the the version name or number
  4. algorithm: described by the algorithm class
  5. interface: described by the software interface class
  6. function described by the objective specification class
  7. licenses described by the license clause class
  8. location the range of the is developed by object property (?)
  9. supplier the range of the is published by object property (?)
The data (number 1) and function or objective (number 6) are the part of the minimum amount of information

* is it a good idea to have OR in the name of a class? As in version name or number?


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