Requirements and Scoping Workshop: Agenda

Today is the first of a two day workshop we are holding in Manchester.  The aim is to define the scope of the project and to capture the requirements for the software ontology.  To this end, the workshop brings together a range of interested parties to gather use cases, identify details about software that we wish to capture (and hopefully prioritise these), and to describe some software.  The rough schedule is as follows:

Day 1

1030 – Opening Coffee

1100 – Introduction to the aims of SWORD and the workshop

1130 – Collecting use cases for recording software, gathering preliminary features and expanding on the competency questions.

1300 – Lunch

1400 – Describing software features to model

1530 – Break

1600 – Reviewing the software features model

1700 – Close

Day 2

0900 – Describing some software using our model

1030 – Break

1100 – “Poker session” and “buy-a-feature” – games to prioritise requirements

1230 – Lunch

1330 – Competency questions: testing the model against some use cases

1400 – Review, and what we’ve learnt

1500 – Close


The meeting is taking place in room G32 of the Kilburn Building, University of Manchester, Oxford Road, Manchester M13 9PL.  The building is marked as number 39 on this map.


About Andy Brown

Researcher on the JISC-funded SWORD (Software Ontology for Resource Description) project, at the University of Manchester.
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