Project Members

SWORD is a joint project between the School of Computer Science at the University of Manchester, and the European Bioinformatics Institute at Cambridge.  The researchers on this project are:

  • Dr. Robert Stevens

    Dr Robert Stevens is a Reader in Biohealth Informatics in the Bio and Health Informatics group at the University of Manchester working on bio-semantics and e-Science approaches to analysing data. He was PI on the Ontogenesis network that ran the meetings for the first k-blog. He is or has been a co-investigator on the myGrid and myExperiment grants that will provide both content and technical input to this project. As well as the JISC funded myExperiment project, Stevens was an investigator on the JISC funded CO-ODE project that developed Protégé

  • Dr. Helen Parkinson

    Dr Helen Parkinson is an experimental biologist with research experience in classical Drosophila genetics, behaviour, molecular biology, and medical genetics. In 1999 she moved to the Bioinformatics/Computational Biology domain as curator of nucleotide sequence data at EBI. In 2001 she became ArrayExpress database Production Coordinator and is now Functional Genomics Team Leader, with responsibility for the ArrayExpress Database, Gene Expression Atlas and EBI Sample Database. She has worked extensively with the microarray community to develop data standards and her group provides ontologies, software tools and services to aid in the management of high throughput omics datasets.

  • Dr. James Malone

    Dr James Malone is a bioinformatician based at the EBI, Cambridge. His research covers several areas of bioinformatics in academia and industry and includes machine learning to perform analysis upon proteomic data sets; developing an ontology for the representation of experimental variables across high-throughput transcriptomic data sets; establishing quality metrics, microarray standards and best laboratory practices throughout the European microarray community and Semantic Grid services for ecological video analysis. He is also a core developer in the Ontology for Biomedical Investigations global consortium.

  • Dr. Andy Brown

    Dr. Andy Brown is a researcher in the Information Management group at the University of Manchester.


About Andy Brown

Researcher on the JISC-funded SWORD (Software Ontology for Resource Description) project, at the University of Manchester.
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